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The Ultimate Baby Registry

Your baby shower is coming up and you need to put together your baby registry.  But when you go to the store, you're overwhelmed with the choices you need to make.  How do you know which stroller/car seat/bottle is going to work for you?  You ask other moms and get 100 different answers.

Well, look no further.

This is the perfect baby registry.  Everything you will need as a new parent all in one place...Amazon.  Everything will come directly to your door.  Each item has a link to order it.  Happy Shopping!

Mother with her Child

Graco infant car seat-You want it to bring the baby home from the hospital.  It will fit him snuggly with an infant insert which you can remove as he ages.  This should last for at least 8 months.  The beauty of this car seat is that you can move the baby into the stroller without taking him out of the seat.  This means when he falls asleep in the car, you don't have to disturb him.


The stroller to use along with the car seat.  The car seat will snap directly into this stroller.


The extra base is for your spouse's or grandparents car.  This is so you can snap the car seat from one car to the other without having to hassle around.


When the baby gets a little older, you will want a stroller that is easier to push.  This jogging stroller is affordable, easy to collapse, and easy to move over terrain.


Stroller Cover

Two choices...

One stroller cover zips on for warmth during the cold months.  This is a JJ Cole Bundle Me here.  It zips open and closed directly on the car seat without having to remove it. 

This other one here -featured on Shark Tank- doubles as a nursing cover.  It's by Milk Snob.  You can wear it while nursing then throw over your stroller for privacy.  You cannot  live without this.


My third child was sleeping 6:30PM-6:30AM by 12 weeks old.  It was due entirely to this wonderful book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weisbluth.  Buy it here.


I've done the leg work and tried everything.  I've dealt with eczema, dry skin, rashes, and irritation.  Burt's Bees  Baby body wash and shampoo is gentle enough for a newborn and I'm still using it on my 7 year old. 


The perfect snuggly bouncy chair for a newborn/infant.  It's cozy so he can fall asleep right in it.  You can bring it in the bathroom while you shower or the kitchen while you cook.  It's the perfect place to put him down and it's affordable!  Order it here


Super affordable, this second bouncy seat is a perfect second chair.  Your baby will grow into this one.  It's not as snuggly, so she won't sleep in it.  But once she's a little older (3 months on) you'll want a more engaging chair where she can bat at the toys.  This is it.  Order it here.


Once your baby is a few months old, you'll want to be able to entertain him.  This Baby Einstein jumper is the perfect way to do just that.  It plays music and it spins.  It's a lot of fun packed into one!  You won't need this right away but it's great to have once he's holding himself up a bit and is ready to play!  Order if here.


These muslin swaddle blankets are light enough that you can swaddle the tiniest baby.  They also are helpful to throw into your diaper bag to drop on public changing tables or wherever you'll need to put your baby down.  They're lightweight and very handy.