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The Journey of Motherhood

Being a mom shapes your entire existence. It changes you down to your core. It leaves you vulnerable. It makes you strong.

I always knew I wanted to be a mom. I wanted a baby. I wanted to care for someone. I wanted a family of my own.

Simple desires.

What I didn’t realize was that while you get all that, you also get so much more.

Every breath you take is for someone else.

Every decision you make now involves someone else.

You learn empathy for humanity as you navigate motherhood. You see people as children with mothers. Or mothers with children.

You understand the profound impact of life itself. You see some hurts are learned. Others are given. And some still are out of anyone’s control.

You find the capacity for the human heart to love is exponential. It doesn’t suddenly get depleted or dry up, it pours forth infinitely.

And that tiny baby you imagined all those years ago, well, you didn’t realize how much you were asking for when you wanted to be a mom.

Now that you have her, you count your blessings. Because it’s so sweet and raw and powerful, you wouldn’t have dreamed yourself worthy, but here you are.

So drink it in. Savor the moments. Humble yourself to it.

The journey of motherhood takes you somewhere you never thought you would go, and the destination is beautiful.


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