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The Breathtaking Beauty of Sibling Love

My children were 5 and 6 years old when we found out we were pregnant with their little brother. We sat them down and told them we had some wonderful news to share. Right away my daughter tried to guess what it was. “I know! We’re going to Disney World!”

She set the bar high.

The only thing that could trump that was getting another little brother.

They’d been asking for a baby for so long that I really believe they thought they’d worn me down and we were doing it for them. They were over the moon.

The rest of the pregnancy was filled with anticipation and they both loved all the preparation that went into getting our house ready for a baby. There was the furniture shopping, the baby clothes, all the decorations for the nursery. I thought there would be jealousy at the “stuff” for the baby. But there wasn’t. They wanted him to have things, soft and cuddly, sweet things that would make him happy.

And the questions got real fast. I could no longer fend them off with a “God put the baby in mom’s belly” response. The details were of utmost curiosity. Including the great mystery of how does he get out.

When we got to month nine and I felt like it could happen at any moment, I tucked them into bed warning them that I might not be there in the morning, that I might be at the hospital, having the baby. They crossed their fingers and said their prayers.

Their little brother was born just after midnight and I knew they couldn’t wait to meet him. They came to the hospital the next day.

Oh…The looks on their faces as the marched into the hospital room…

My son - he came looking into the room with the biggest smile on his face. I’ve never seen him with a bigger grin. He was so proud and so grown up. Overnight he'd gone from the baby of the family to the big brother and he knew it.

And my daughter, she was instantly an overprotective little mom. The emotions going through her are hard to put into words. She of course wanted to hold him. But she also didn't want anyone else to hold him. She kept whispering for me to TAKE HIM BACK from anyone else, tears were in her eyes.

Sibling love is breathtakingly beautiful.

Like trees planted next to each other, they will grow side by side, similar in many ways but able to stand alone too. And while they may look like they’re independent once they’re fully grown, their roots will strongly intersect and entwine under the surface. Shared values, memories, lives. Even as they grow individually, they will forever be connected at the root.

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