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Thanks to the Friends

The beginning of a friendship is a great unknown. You don’t know where it’s going to go but you hope for the best. She could be in your life for only a minute or she may be there until the end.

You follow your intuition that this person might be your kind of friend. You invest if it feels right. Some friendships are immediate, the connection fierce. Others fizzle out as life inevitably changes. And some friendships simmer slowly, growing stronger with time.

So, here’s to the friends who you couldn’t live without. The ones who get you. The ones who can hear you without you having to say a word. The ones who know what you’re saying even when you struggle to find the right words.

Thanks to the friends who don’t listen when you say you’re okay. The ones who know that you couldn’t possibly be fine. So they check in. They hold your hand. They send hugs. They keep asking. They aren’t discouraged by your silence. They don’t give up on you.

Thanks to the friends who love your children like their own. The friends who tell your kids when they’re misbehaving. The ones who are always armed with a hug and a kiss, a special treat, the perfect gift. The ones who feel more like family. Their hearts soar with pride when they see your kid achieve something great. Because they love them too.

Thanks to the friends who don’t judge. The friends who see you at your worst and lift you back up. They remind you who you are, where you came from, where you’re going and how to get back there.

Thanks to the friends who feel your pain as their own. The ones that understand your sadness. They’re the friends who don’t try to make everything better because sometimes it just won’t be better. The ones that hurt when you hurt.

Thanks to the friends who help. The friends who drop off a meal or watch your kids. The friends who drive the carpool and invite you over for dinner. The friends who invite your husband and kids over for dinner so you can be alone.

Thanks to the friends who know when you need space and give it to you. The friends that in the midst of something messy, they are there and they don’t have to say a word for you to know that.

Thanks to the friends who pray for you without you having to ask. The friends who lift you up to God when you’re hurting or scared or even happy. The friends who know there’s nothing they can do, so they pray and ask for God to bring you comfort.

Thanks to the friends who will laugh with you so hard that you cry. The friends who see the humor and the crazy and the silly. The friends who know laughter is medicine and laugh is too short to take too seriously.

Thanks to the friends who remember the bigs in your life and help you celebrate. Your birthday, your anniversary, your kids’ birthdays. When you start a new job or quit an old one. The friends who remember the anniversary of a parents death. Or that it’ll be your first Mother’s Day without your mom.

Thanks to the friends who walk your journey with you.

Thanks to the friends.

Thanks for the friends.

Life would be lonely without you.

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