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On His First Birthday

My youngest is turning one this week. He was born just after midnight on a Tuesday. The Sunday before he was born I’d had so many contractions at church I thought I was going to go into labor in the middle of the service. Less than 48 hours later he made his debut in the easiest and quickest way of my three children, getting my epidural only one hour before he arrived. This whole year has been that way. Easy. Fast. Painless.

I saw each phase come and go in a blink of an eye. Every bad sleepless night was a fleeting phase. Newborn day/night confusion, witching hours, can’t put him down, won’t sleep alone, can’t leave him with a sitter, won’t take a bottle…. Each challenge came and went and now we’re marching towards his first birthday with a bubbly, happy, 6 tooth-ed baby. His smiles are contagious, his crawling crazy fast.

My daughter sat in his nursery with me this morning and asked me to put him into her arms so she could rock him. The baby was happily crawling around his room, pulling up on his furniture and babbling. There was no way he was going into her arms to be rocked-we both recognized that. I told her and she sighed, “So he’ll never sleep in my arms again?”

Oh, my heart ached just a little for my seven year old who was very much a huge part of his life, anticipating his arrival just as much as I was from the moment I told her he was growing in my tummy.

When he was first born, I’d leave him on her lap to hold while I went to make everyone’s breakfast before school. She used to read with him lying on his boppy in her lap asleep. And now, chances are, he probably won’t ever sleep in her arms again. And just as I felt that ache, she did too.

You see it so clearly sometimes. How fast these moments come and go. Once they’re gone, they’re gone forever with babies, children. And as we anticipate his first birthday coming this week, we’ll move onto new adventures. Walking, talking, making friends.

And while maybe I won’t miss everything about that first year, I sure will miss some things. They cruised by like a dream and now they’re gone, floating into my memories. Time moves faster and faster with each passing year, I’m so glad I didn’t forget to enjoy it.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy.

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