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Oh Mama, I Know You're Tired

New mama, I know it’s hard. I see you sitting in your rocking chair at 2AM. The entire household is asleep, and yet you are not. You sit up, embracing your tiny little baby.

Maybe your eyes are closed, wishing you could rest your weary body. Or maybe you scroll through your phone, wondering if you’ll ever sleep again.

Countless nights you’ve sat in this room, soothing, feeding, rocking, bouncing… but never feeling as weary as you do right now.

I know you’re thinking of how exhausted you’ll be in the morning. How you won’t be able to rest -even in the daytime.

Tomorrow you will do things like forget to drink your coffee.

And you’ll stare at the sink full of bottles and wonder how they’ll get cleaned.

Your mind races as you sit in the darkness.

You contemplate asking for help but there’s no one to ask. No one can do what YOU do. Not even your partner. Not even your mom nor your sister.

And so you rock. And you feed and you soothe. And you breathe in and out.

You press your baby’s sweet head up next to your heart and let her listen to the constant thumping, hoping it will bring her comfort.

It does.

And you know what mothers for centuries have learned in these moments… You know the strength deep inside you that has no limits.

You understand the magnitude of motherhood.

So you rock and you feed and you soothe.

In the morning, somewhere, your strength will get replenished.

You will be weary, sweet mama, but you will be determined.

One day you will sleep again… but that love that will define your entire relationship is taking root right now. In the darkness, in this moment.

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