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I Won't Miss Everything But I Will Miss This

I’m in that stage with my toddler. You know the one. The one where everything is exciting and new, and exploration and adventure engulf your days. The one where anything from ice cream to bubbles to balloons delight him. Curiosity abounds and joy is ever flowing. The one where he can’t tell you what he wants so he cries in frustration. Sometimes he lies on the floor in protest and your only choice is to hold him until he's calm. The one where he wants to grow and learn, even when that means putting his life into peril. The one where you constantly chase after him, keeping him far from the road, safe on his climbs and things out of his mouth. The one where you’re constantly wiping sticky fingers and smudgy fingerprints. The one where no amount of stain stick could save his wardrobe. The one where he thinks everything is a game. Like throwing food from his high chair, pulling the dogs tail, coloring on the walls. The one where tastes and appetites are changing by the day and the meal he ate enthusiastically yesterday, he won’t touch today. The one where peals of laughter echo through the walls and impromptu dance parties start when a commercial with music comes on the tv. The one where he hates sitting still so there is no break for anyone when he’s awake. He moves hurriedly from activity to activity with a frenzy that only a toddler can enjoy. The one where he pretends everything is a phone and says "Hello" and hands it to you. The one where toys aren’t very exciting but dumping anything onto the floor is satisfying. The one where he loves the sweetest things like his lovie and Elmo and you can’t bring him anywhere without them. The one where he isn’t big enough to do things alone but he so desperately wants to. Like climb the playground equipment or eat with a fork or put on his own socks. The one where he loves calling out greetings to people even if the greeting is the same. Like “Hi Dad!” to the neighbor or a stranger at Target. The one where everyone smiles at him because he is a magnet for attention. The one where he likes to touch everything. Like when you go to a friend’s house - he’ll never be satisfied staying in one room so instead you chase him all over the yard without one uninterrupted adult conversation. The one where he’s too big to be carried around but you do all the time and your back aches constantly from his weight. The one where you see it’s bedtime and you are relieved to have survived another day and can put him safely to sleep. The one where he insists on wearing the footie pajamas and nothing else will do. The one where he loves to brush his teeth but only if he can suck all the toothpaste off the toothbrush. The one where he falls asleep in your arms and you smell his sweet head and study his peaceful face with those lips upturned into a constant smile. Those curious eyes are closed and you know he’s dreaming of all the adventures that transpired that day. It’s the one where his eyes light up when you walk into the room in the morning and he delightfully cries “Mamamama!” with outstretched arms, waiting to be picked up. One day older and closer to moving out of this stage. You know one day these moments will be over and while you might not miss everything, you’ll absolutely miss this. Photo by Senjuti Kundu on Unsplash

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