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Dear Firstborn

Dear Firstborn,

I knew life was going to change with your arrival. You made your debut in a way that would define your existence: dramatic, exciting, bold.

I held you in the hospital and knew our lives had seismically shifted. I would never be the same.

You made me a mom. And you made us a family.

I discovered a sea of love in my heart that had no begin and no end. The depths were so deep that I could get lost easily in the waves of emotions… Sometimes they made me cry, sometimes they made me laugh. But they were always there, ever-present.

I wondered how this tiny little baby could make me feel so vulnerable and so brave at the same time. It changed me. I had confidence where I once would have hesitated. Yet your ability to level me will never fade.

I gave up a lot to become a mom, but I never looked back. I wouldn’t have changed a single thing on the road that brought you to me. I love to call you my child.

As you grew and I learned, I made lots of mistakes. We navigated the unknown together and I knew I couldn’t fail you.

I see so much of myself in you. Yet you’re also different. You’re so much better. More daring, more outgoing. You see a challenge and step fearlessly towards it. You’re confident and composed. You’ve got an easy smile, and you see the best in everyone because you look for it.

You’re both innocent and wise beyond your years.

I am so lucky God gave you to me. My first born, I love you so much.


Photo by Peter Oslanec on Unsplash

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