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A Different Summer

This summer started much differently than summers of the past. After months of having everyone home all day every day, summer break did not mean not having anywhere else to be. It didn’t mean getting to sleep in and stay in your pajamas until noon. We’d been living like this since March because school required only two hours of time in front of a computer. Quality family time, a break from overly familiar classmates, and plenty of outside activities were nothing new. Daily walks, hand selected snacks and spending time with sibling… check check check. As I mom, I already felt pretty tapped out. I’d been the homeschool teacher as well as the activities director and my new role shifted only slightly. Which in truth might be less stressful, but I wouldn’t say it’s easier. “What are we doing today?” my kids say eagerly in the morning and I look back at their bright faces and wonder the same thing myself. What is open? What is safe? Which friends are still quarantined? Which friends are meeting up? What will make everyone happy? What haven’t we already done 100 times since March? Things look different now… and we’re all trying to adapt yet again. And yet, as moms, this is just how we roll right? We buy the cute face masks and check online about cleaning procedures. We make sure we have Clorox wipes in the car and Purell in our purses. We stay 6 feet from strangers and teach our children to do it too. We weigh risk and reward with every opportunity. We manage disappointments and expectations. We explain and explain and explain why the some places can’t open and why we can’t do things our friends are doing. We live it and embrace it and do the best we can. We set up sprinklers in the backyard and ice cream parties at home. We take family hikes and light sparklers and catch fireflies. One foot in front of the other, striving for normalcy. The summer might look different to us, but our children will never know just how much.

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