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2020, We Are All Over You...

This year has been hard. We’ve all had struggles right?

On top of having our children ripped from school, our communities shut down, and a virus spreading like wildfire-causing us to isolate from just about everyone, it’s gone on for a very long time.

Things are still not back to normal.

We can’t exchange smiles with strangers and there’s no freedom to just go where we want.

I looked up flights the other day and realized that my regular route, out of my regular airport, no longer exists.

I send my children to school armed with masks, sanitizer, and the knowledge that nothing about their day is going to be the same as it was just a year ago.

Working from home has created new challenges, and we’ve been forced to get creative with our living spaces and childcare arrangements.

Weddings have been rescheduled. Vacations cancelled.

We watch football games on tv with sound tracks of people cheering.

And we walk through the cleaning supply aisles noting a lack of Clorox and 409. We note the expensive price of paper towels and toilet paper yet buy it anyways... just in case.

Just these changes alone would have made us all feel a bit unsteady, even as we got used to the “new normal.”

But the blows keep coming. Civil unrest, protests, riots, hatred against people we don't even know.

We hear about disturbing new Netflix shows and see angry news anchors and turn off our TVs.

Incendiary comments on social media ignite debates that make you question your friendships.

Time marches on. Life happens. There are accidents and injuries, businesses close, people get hurt and sick.

We all say, “Oh 2020, we can’t do this anymore…” Yet we do. We have to. Because there isn’t another choice.

We’re praying for significant changes in 2021….

They may not happen, but collectively we’d all like to leave this year behind.

We really are all in this together in our own way. We’re overwhelmed and sick of how things are going. We’re over the politics and the lies and the confusion.

So Dear Reader, here’s my plea today. Let’s all be a little gentle with each other. Let’s offer a little grace. This year has upended the norm for just about everyone.

So offer some grace to the stranger and keep smiling at people from behind your mask.

This too shall pass…

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